On Their Feet! Healthcare Workers May Appreciate an Alegria Shoe Sale

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Nurses, nursing assistants, dental hygienists and other healthcare workers who spend most of the day on their feet need comfortable shoes that provide excellent support. Some shoe brands are recognized for offering numerous stylish options that fit into the healthcare work setting. Someone who is just starting a career in one of these fields, or who has been working for a while but has not found the right footwear, might check out an alegria shoe sale. Significant discounts make the product even more affordable, allowing someone to buy a few different styles.

For many people working in healthcare, shoes must be comfortable not just while standing but also while walking for many miles throughout the work shift. Dental hygienists and assistants tend to stand in one place for much of the shift, but nursing assistants and nurses usually move from room to room throughout a department, floor or building as they check on patients. Without high-quality shoes, all these individuals may develop problems like sore feet, painful knees, backaches and general fatigue. Sometimes pain in the musculoskeletal system develops even when the feet don’t hurt, and the person often has no idea the problem is connected with worn-out or poor-quality shoes. Some individuals never make the association until they go to a doctor or a chiropractor for help. Having shoes that fit extremely well is important too.

Experts recommend that employees in healthcare who walk a great deal replace their shoes twice a year. They estimate that those employees are putting on some 500 miles every six months. If employees are skeptical, they can start wearing a pedometer and learn exactly how much they travel on foot during a shift. Shoes have lost much of their physical supportive qualities by the time they’ve logged this type of mileage. Additional factors cause faster wear and tear, meaning the person should replace shoes even more frequently. Someone who is noticeably overweight probably should replace shoes more often than a person who is at optimum weight or close to it. People who already deal with back or knee pain also benefit from wearing newer shoes.