Tips for Getting Kids to Put Down their Smartphones

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It’s seems that every child today has at least one electronic gadget. As they spend more and more time on their devices, their social skills, physical fitness and overall energy levels decrease. As a parent, it’s important to impose limits to the time children spend online. One of the best ways to do this is to give them other things to do with their time. If simply going outside to play doesn’t seem attractive to the child, a parent can help them with some structured activities.

The site offers some great suggestions for ways a parent can get their kids to put down their devices and interact with the real world. Since way too many children are sitting in the house with their smartphones, parents have to be creative. There are plenty of interesting things to do in the house and a child might gain some interests outside of their phone if their parents help them. Crafty parents might start with projects the child can use as decor in their bedroom.

Another option is for the child to start playing a sport. There are children’s leagues for a number of different sports. Whether the child plays baseball, soccer or basketball doesn’t really matter as long as they are getting exercise and interacting with other kids their age. Young people may need to try more than one sport before they find the one they can excel at. Kids that become serious about the sport the play won’t have much time to devote to their phone. With several practices every week, they’ll be too tired to focus on mindless social media posts.

Families could also do activities together. Activities such as hiking, cooking or watching movies can be fun for the entire family. Sometimes children get attached to smartphones and other electronic devices because they see their parents using them all the time. When this is the case, the whole family might need to detox from their devices for a while every day. Family members might discover they have more in common than their attachment to their phones if they put their phones down, get up and get out of the house.